How do You Measure, Measure a Year?

latin america Mar 29, 2019

In delicious ceviches eaten?  In gorgeous sunsets watched? In glasses of chicha morada? In dizzying salsa dances? In new friends made? In work programs launched?

As I wrapped up an incredible first month of Remote Year with my new Polaris family in Lima, Peru, I asked myself many questions like "did I do everything I wanted to do this month?", "was this month a success?" "what does success mean to me?", "how should I measure this month?" and then the big question: "how will I measure this year?" 

I like to think about success in two ways: the head and the heart.  My head measures success against my play, purpose, and potential list for the year, which are my professional and personal goals that keep me motivated to live and perform at my best. 

My heart measures success against my desired ways of being, which are the ways I want to feel.  At the end of the year, I may or may not accomplish everything on my "to do" list but if I am in integrity with the way I want to feel this year, then I will have been successful.  And those ways are: connected, energized, inspired, and loved/loving. 

A few experiences I had this month in Lima, Peru that made me feel these ways are:

  • Sharing the most delicious food in the world over conversations with 35 strangers that are now friends
  • Learning about cool new tools and resources that I can use to improve my current work and company
  • Paragliding over the coast of Lima, sand sledding in the Peruvian desert, and surfing in the Pacific ocean during sunset
  • Leading a Total Motivation (ToMo) based workshop for my fellow Remote Year participants, which was received with an overwhelmingly positive response
  • Realizing that I've only just begun this life-changing year-long experience, how quickly a new place can feel like home and how quickly new friends can feel like family

Here are some pictures that capture some of the first 43,800/525,600 minutes of my Remote Year journey.

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