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latin america Jun 25, 2019

I've loved living in Mexico City, my home away from home, for the month of June on Remote Year.  It's the city in which my mom was born and raised, where I visited my cousins often as a kid from New York, where I worked and lived for six months in 2011 while doing my post-MBA rotational program with Avon, and where I've continued to go regularly for work or pleasure over the years.  I know the language, the food, the neighborhoods, and the culture. The city is vibrant, chaotic, exciting, polluted, beautiful, and it's also...comfortable (for me).  

However, since I started my 12 month Remote Year journey to get out of my comfort zone, I decided that my stay in Mexico would be the perfect time to to do something uncomfortable for me: write a book.

It's something I've wanted to do for a long time but I didn't know if I was capable of doing it.  Even the incredibly brilliant and accomplished Maya Angelou said "I have written eleven books but each time I think, Uh Oh, they're going to find me out now."  Cue my own imposter syndrome voice in my head saying: "why do you want to do this?, who are you to write a book? who would read it and why?".  Feeling courageous with the support of my amazing Remote Year tramily (travel family), I decided to finally answer these three questions instead of leaving them up in the air like a dark cloud of intimidating hypothetical interrogators doubting my talents and capabilities.

I'd like to share the answers with you as an act of courage and accountability:

  1. Why do you want to do this? It's Total Motivation (ToMo) for me.  As someone who preaches about ToMo, it's important that I identify the direct motives that would allow me to perform at my best and feel the most fulfilled while writing this book:  Play - I enjoy the process of writing and making theoretical ideas more practical and actionable.  Purpose - I think I can really help people to develop in their careers and achieve higher levels of performance leveraging my knowledge and experience.  Potential - This process is going to challenge me and build my skills in writing, self-branding, marketing, and entrepreneurialism. 

I also want to make sure that I'm as creative and innovative as possible throughout the process by identifying ways to decrease the indirect motives: Emotional pressure - I created a support system of Remote Year friends who believe in me and want to support me throughout the process.  Economic pressure - I'm writing this book on the side of my full time job so I'm not worried about my finances throughout the process.  Inertia - I'm certainly not doing this because I've always done it.  This is new and exciting for me.

  1. Who are you to write a book? I've worked in talent development roles for 12+ years in multi-national consumer product and technology companies.  I've created live and virtual trainings, workshops, and initiatives for thousands of people globally to help them grow and develop themselves.  I know what it takes for people to be motivated to perform at their best and be fulfilled in their careers.

I’m also a self-development junkie and have read hundreds of books on leadership, motivation, and performance.  As a guinea pig for all of the tools and practices out there, I've tested them all on myself and I know which ones have the most impact.

  1. Who would read it and why? Professionals like you that want to have a fulfilling career while performing at their best.  Why? Because you don't want to work (or live) only for the paycheck, to please your loved ones, or because you've become resigned to a "work is work" attitude. Because you know deep down that work could be fun if it was the right fit for you, that you want your work to matter and have an impact, and you want to better utilize your talents and skills to grow in your career. 

My book (still untitled but naming contest coming soon!) will introduce readers to the science behind motivation inspired by the research from the book, Primed to Perform, which focuses on how corporations can improve performance, and apply it to you, as individuals, with specific tools and practices in order to build the fulfilling career you want while performing at your best.

I look forward to including you in my journey of writing a book (I'm currently writing Chapter 2 of 8) and I hope you'll enjoy the fun and interactive ways you can be a part of it.  Please follow my page on Facebook: Sarah Aviram and instagram: sarahaviram for more regular updates while I continue writing from Asia on the second third of my year as a digital nomad in Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, and Malaysia!

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