Start With Why And Follow With Why Not?

pre-remote year Jan 17, 2019

Simon Sinek is world-renowned for his book and famous Ted Talk "Start With Why".  He says that people don't care what you do, they care why you do it.  And that finding your own "why" will help you better connect with others, with yourself, and motivate you to live a more fulfilling life. While there are similarities between his work and the work of Vega Factor, I like how Vega Factor breaks down the “whys” into specific motivators.

As the pioneer of the concept of “your why”, Simon Sinek has always been inspirational for me so when I had the chance to hear him speak live recently, I seized the opportunity to dive deeper into my own why. 

With every desire I had, I asked myself "why?", "why do I want this experience, this work, this lifestyle?" And as I reflected more on my "why", a slightly different question kept popping up: "why not?" 

I found that what was stopping me from pursuing the answers to my "whys" were my "why nots".  Why didn't I tell my boss I’d like to work from anywhere in the world?  Why didn't I go after what I wanted and live my "why"?  I discovered that my "why nots" were my fears. 

When we ask ourselves "why not?", we discover what's stopping us and we are able to address those fears: our fear of what other people will think, our fear of getting out of our comfort zone, our fear of not being capable or deserving of what we want, our fear of rejection or failure. 

It's not easy to overcome these fears because to do so often means changing fundamental beliefs we have about the way the world works and how we are expected to behave in that world.  I have to constantly remind myself that in order to live my most fulfilling life, I have to push through those fears and to rewrite the rules.  Life is for LIVING so...”Why Not?”

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