What is True North?

pre-remote year Feb 25, 2019

I’ll be honest - astrology and the laws of the universe have never been topics I've dedicated myself to learning much about.  However, the law of attraction and understanding how to create and navigate my own life journey definitely have been. Throughout my journey, the theme of following my north star has been an underlying yet consistent theme. The north star, called Polaris, is directly above the Earth’s axis of rotation.  Polaris stands almost fixed in the sky, and all the stars of the northern sky appear to rotate around it.  Therefore, it is used as a landmark to guide journeys. 

In business school back in 2009, I took a class called Authentic Leadership in which we read a book called Discover your True North.  It was my first introduction to the idea of the north star in relation to creating your own story of success and letting the north star be the reminder to follow your own personal journey rather than that of others or their expectations of you. The book explains that being a leader is about much more than a title and management skills—it's fundamentally a question of who we are as human beings. The book helped me to discover the purpose of my leadership, how to chart a career path that feels authentic to who I am at my core, and to stay on track of my “True North”. 

The company from which I learned about Total Motivation and the framework of play, purpose, and potential is called Vega Factor.  When I researched what Vega meant, I learned that the north star changes over time. Today the north star is called Polaris. However, Polaris has not always been the north star and will not always be the north star.  It depends on how the earth spins on its axis.  In the near future, the north star will be called Vega.  So the company named itself Vega Factor as their vision for the future is that all organizations will be focused on the north star of building the highest performing cultures through the total motivation of their employees.

 My friend and spiritual guide, Michelle Keinan (mentioned here), gave birth to a beautiful baby girl three months ago and gave her the middle name “Vega” - to remind her daughter to grow into a woman that always follows her own true north as Michelle has also instilled in me.

When I signed up for my Remote Year program I saw that previous programs each had their own name like Bourdain, Cousteau, or Ikigai. All of these relating to famous travelers, discoverers, or meaningful journeys and lives.  It was pretty incredible to me that the trip I signed up for happened to be named Polaris. The theme continues about following my true north, creating my own story, and being my authentic self.  In the near future, while the true north star may be Vega, for this year, it is Polaris, and as the earth continues to rotate, it may be something else.  Regardless of the name, the signs are clear, the stars are aligned, and I’m continuing to create and follow my own journey.  And over the next 12 months, my journey will take me here:

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