Reflections of a Remote Worker

Check out my blog posts from my year of living and working in 12 countries in 12 months.

Malaysia: A Lesson on Inclusion

This month in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia concludes my 4 months spent in Asia (and 8th month of Remote Year)! Malaysia has given me an unexpected lesson on inclusion. ...

Collective Accountability

It's 8:00AM on a Sunday morning in Kyoto, Japan. I'm up surprisingly early after a long day of travel from Chiang Mai, Thailand.  I decide to go for a walk outside and...

The Search for Enlightenment

In my 6th month of Remote Year, I sat cross-legged on the floor of a Buddhist university in Chiang Mai, Thailand while a barefoot monk in an orange robe and a shaved...

The Power and Plight of Inertia

When I first arrived in Hanoi, Vietnam for the fifth month of my remote year, I was petrified to cross the street. As 50 motorbikes would go zooming down the road in all...

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