Reflections of a Remote Worker

Check out my blog posts from my year of living and working in 12 countries in 12 months.

Seek Discomfort

I've loved living in Mexico City, my home away from home, for the month of June on Remote Year.  It's the city in which my mom was born and raised, where I visited my...

Design Your Life

On the third month of my Remote Year program, I left the amazing city of Medellin, Colombia to fly back to New York for my 10-year MBA reunion from NYU Stern School of...

On Belonging

What kind of people decide to leave their "normal" life, take their work on the road, and travel with a group of strangers to a different country every month for one...

How do You Measure, Measure a Year?

In delicious ceviches eaten?  In gorgeous sunsets watched? In glasses of chicha morada? In dizzying salsa dances? In new friends made? In work programs launched? As I...

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