Suspect your top talent want to join The Great Resignation? 


Your employees want a fresh start and a new beginning. Let's help them find that WITHIN your company.


Ask your employees to take my brand new online course, 'Thrive at Work From Anywhere'.


Join the Pivot Program by September 17th, 2021!

Thinking of joining The Great Resignation? Join this program to get guidance on IF or HOW that's your best career decision.


If you want to STOP feeling:


✖️ Guilty for avoiding tough career conversations because you may not have solutions

✖️  Worried that your best talent is going to leave the organization

✖️  Concerned that you don't know how to keep them beyond offering flexible work options

✖️  Confused about what exactly will motivate employees these days

And want to START feeling:

  • Relieved that employees are coming to you with ideas and solutions for their career
  • Proud of yourself for the opportunity you're giving your employees to invest in their careers
  • Energized by all the ways your team members want to contribute to your org's future
  • Clarity on what will actually motivate and engage your employees

Here's a sneak peek!


Thrive at 'Work From Anywhere'

How to optimize performance and fulfillment at work (and beyond)

In this short and powerful video course, students will learn lessons and actions they can take to help them feel:

  • Happier from doing work that allows them to experiment, create, and innovate.
  • Proud of themselves for the impact they're having and the value they're creating.
  • Energized by all the new skills they're developing, learning, and applying. 

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