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If you want to STOP feeling:

  • Guilty for wanting more when you think you should be grateful for what you have.
  • Worried about what other people will think if you try something new or different.
  • Concerned that you don’t have the skills to do anything other than what you’re doing now.
  • Confused about what exactly you want to change let alone how to make that change happen.

And want to START feeling:

  • Deserving of all the joy that comes from building a fulfilling career and life.
  • Proud of yourself for the impact you’re having and the value you’re creating for others.
  • Energized by all the new skills you’re developing, learning, and applying.
  • Authentically YOU as you activate the best parts of yourself regularly.

Let's get started!

Here are online courses and resources to guide you on your journey to life-changing fulfillment.

Get Remotivated

How to optimize your performance and fulfillment at work (and beyond)

In this short and powerful video course and worksheet, you'll learn lessons and actions you can take to help you feel:

  • Happier from doing work that allows you to experiment, create, and innovate.
  • Proud of yourself for the impact you’re having and the value you’re creating.
  • Energized by all the new skills you’re developing, learning, and applying. 

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The Pivot Program

Discover how to get unstuck, find fulfillment, and love work again.

This transformational live online course, in partnership with The Forem, guides you, in a step-by-step process, on how you can activate the 6 remotivators that drive your career decisions: money, identity, routines, growth, impact  and joy.

This program incorporates video lessons, worksheets, and live virtual interactive sessions once per week with Sarah Aviram and your fellow remote students. You'll enhance your learning with the support of the community as your participate in virtual breakout discussions and Q&A sessions.  


About Remotivation - The Book

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Feel energized and inspired as you activate your remotivators to create more financial freedom, break free of old habits, see the value your work provides, and — above all — enjoy your work.

By leveraging thousands of hours of education and expertise into an easy-to-understand guidebook, Remotivation guides you on a journey to feel more fulfilled while performing at your best.

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Reflections of a Remote Worker.

Check out my blog posts in which I share stories and learnings as a remote worker from 12 countries around the world.


Get career advice so good, you'll want to tattoo it on your arm.*

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I share my best advice, stories, and insights in my weekly emails called Remotivation Mail. (Tattoo ink not included.)