Get Remotivated

How to optimize your performance and fulfillment at work (and beyond)


During uncertain times, you might feel guilty for wanting to be happier at work when you think you should be grateful to have a job at all.


It can make you feel stuck if you want your work to be more fulfilling but you're not sure what exactly you want to change - let alone how to make that change happen.


The good news is that you don't need to overhaul your career or life to feel happier again. Small tweaks to your current work situation could make a big difference in helping you feel: 

  • Happier from doing work that allows you to experiment, create, and innovate.
  • Proud of yourself for the impact you’re having and the value you’re creating.
  • Energized by all the new skills you’re developing, learning, and applying. 


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Yes! I'm Ready!

Hi, I'm Sarah.

Over the past 14+ years, I’ve held Human Resources and Talent Development leadership roles within Fortune 500 companies.


And most recently, I created my own currency!

Yup, you read that right. And I'm not talking about paper bills, virtual coins, or a money making tree.

Currency is a unit of energy to which we apply a value.

Yes, money is the most common form of currency we acknowledge.

However, there are other important things I want that money can't buy: meaning and fulfillment.

Friends always ask me “How do always end up doing work you really like AND that pays well?" 

It's because, in addition to money, I created my own currency to work. I figured out a way to get paid to work besides money.

Here's how I did it (and continue to do it):
1. Joy - I identify work or projects that I enjoy, make me feel creative, and allow me to play - and I figure out how to do more of them.

2. Impact - I clarify what kind of value I want to provide and to whom. Making an impact makes me feel proud of myself and energized.

3. Growth - I prioritize opportunities that allow me to develop my current or new skills and experience. Learning lights me up.


And I've taught thousands of people how to do this successfully too. 


My currency is called JIG. I believe it's the most valuable currency out there.


Because when I'm working for JIG, I feel in flow and I perform at my best - and then -  the money flows to me as well.


What participants are saying...


"It was amazing to understand the levels of fulfillment. It helped me understand how to process my situation." - Jyothsna P. 

"Examining my primary motivator was eye opening. Thank you."

- Jennifer S.

"I realized that finding the parts of my work that bring me joy and energy are critical to my long term career wellbeing." - Aparna R.

If you suspect that being paid in JIG might be just what you need to GET REMOTIVATED in 2021 - look no further! 

  • Start instantly doing more work that allows you to play and create.
  • Clarify the value your work provides and the impact you're having.
  • Develop new skills on the job through experience, learning from others, and training.


In addition to accessing the online videos, you'll also get a free WORKBOOK with questions, check lists, and prompts to help you turn your insights into action!

Ready to turn your JIG on?

Your fulfillment and performance will increase when you find JOY in your opportunities to experiment, create, and innovate; feel like the work you're doing matters and is making an IMPACT; and develop skills and have experiences that contribute to your GROWTH.


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