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I work and live my life with a sense of freedom, authenticity, and intention.  And if that’s what you dream about for yourself, I want to guide you in making it a reality.  


My story

For my 10-year MBA reunion from NYU Stern School of Business, I flew to New York City from Medellin, Colombia. I was three months into living my dream on a program called Remote Year, living and working from 12 different countries over 12 months with a group of professionals from a variety of businesses and geographies.  And I was doing this while successfully executing my New York-based job remotely.  


When sharing updates on my life with friends and former classmates at the reunion, the responses were all a different version of "You win!", if not verbatim. These responses were from people that are super successful in their own way - CEOs of their startups, owners of charming Brooklyn apartments, and married with beautiful children. I wondered how they were measuring success and how I became the "winner" in a race I never tried to compete in.  


Then, a former classmate elaborated on his comment by saying: "Many people dream about doing what you're doing, but you actually went and did it." 


The way I got here wasn’t by luck. It was by being intentional about what would make me feel most fulfilled and motivated in my work and my life.


My experience

Over the past 13+ years, I’ve held Human Resources and Talent Development leadership roles within Fortune 500 consumer product organizations like Avon and PepsiCo as well as in high growth technology companies like Yodle/Web.com and IAC (InterActiveCorp). 


These roles have taught me a lot about what motivates people to perform at their best. From these experiences, my MBA in leadership and change management, and extensive personal research, I’ve created programs and processes that have helped hundreds of people (including myself) have more fulfilling careers. 


The big idea

The more I spent time with remote workers, the more I noticed that they often felt stuck and unfulfilled professionally — even with the freedom and flexibility of their lifestyle. Working remotely was only a band-aid solution for much bigger challenges. I realized that if remote workers could better activate their key motivations for working, they could create their own path to more fulfillment in their careers and beyond.


So I began to pull together the resources, insights, and tools I’ve gathered and generated in my own career and created resources that would help empower remote workers in creating lives full of freedom, authenticity, and intention.

Are you ready?

This site is your key to unlocking the potential of your career and your life.  

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