Based on your responses, your personality results reveal you're...


When it comes to your unique personality... 

You know how to challenge assumptions and make deliberate decisions, giving you an edge in achieving the results you want.


You value producing quality work, which means working from anywhere won't be a problem for you.


And because you’re known to be careful and analytical, you don’t need your boss to micromanage your work - they know you’ll get the job done.


As the Strategist:


The critical thinking that you bring to your work provides the stability and reliability that your team needs. (Your peers know you'll thrive in any environment.)


Being as focused as you are on acquiring new knowledge, means that you'll be successful no matter what you choose to do, especially when you get clear on your priorities.


Each of us have a preferred way of acting, thinking and making decisions. And these preferences may be expressed differently amongst members of virtual and distributed teams. When you understand your behavioral style, you can use this information to lean in to your strengths and become an invaluable member of your team.


In the Remote Work Styles workshop, Sarah Aviram will share how having knowledge of your own remote work style, as well as that of your team members, can help you to increase your performance, build better relationships, and work more collaboratively in diverse teams


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Sarah Aviram has held Human Resources and Talent Development leadership roles within Fortune 500 companies like Avon and Pepsico as well as in smaller high-growth technology companies like and IAC. She has created programs and processes that have helped over 50,000 people have more fulfilling careers.

Sarah holds a BA in Communications Studies from the University of Michigan and MBA in Leadership and Change Management from New York University Stern School of Business. 

She has worked in New York City and remotely from 12 different countries and is the Author of a #1 Amazon best-selling book, Remotivation: The Remote Worker’s Ultimate Guide to Life-Changing Fulfillment.