About Me

I help remote workers go from feeling uninspired and disengaged at work to feeling energized and proud of themselves.

My Story

I flew to New York City from Medellin, Colombia for my 10-year MBA reunion from NYU Stern School of Business. I was three months into living my dream on a program called Remote Year - living and working from 12 different countries over 12 months with a group of professionals from a variety of businesses and geographies. 

And I was doing this while successfully executing my New York-based job remotely.  

When sharing updates on my life with friends and former classmates at the reunion, the responses were all a different version of "You win!", if not verbatim. These responses were from people that are super successful in their own way - CEOs of their startups, owners of charming Brooklyn apartments, and married with beautiful children.

I wondered how they were measuring success and how I became the "winner" in a race I never tried to compete in. 

Then, a former classmate elaborated on his comment by saying: "Many people dream about doing what you're doing, but you actually went and did it."

The way I got here wasn’t by luck. It was by being intentional about what would make me feel most fulfilled and motivated in my work and my life.

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My Experience

Over the past 14+ years, I’ve held Human Resources and Talent Development leadership roles within Fortune 500 consumer product organizations like Avon and PepsiCo as well as in high growth technology companies like Yodle/Web.com and IAC (InterActiveCorp). 

These roles have taught me what motivates people to perform at their best and be fulfilled in their careers.

From these experiences, my MBA in leadership and change management, and extensive personal research, I’ve created programs and processes that have helped thousands of people (including myself) have more fulfilling careers. 

The Big Idea

The more I spent time with remote workers, the more I noticed that they often felt stuck and unfulfilled professionally — even with the freedom and flexibility of their lifestyle. 

While each one had different individual goals, there was indeed a common thread among those that were most fulfilled in their careers:

They were able to minimize the obstacles related to their money, identity, and routines; optimize opportunities for growth and impact; and realize the benefits of more joy in their work.

It was clear that it wasn't WHERE they worked but WHY they worked that made the biggest difference in their happiness and work performance. 

I decided I wanted to help all remote workers learn how to manage these key motivators to their benefit and create their own path to more fulfillment in their careers and beyond.

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What Others Are Saying

“Sarah Aviram has strengthened our company's culture of learning and development over the years and her efforts have made a huge impact on my professional and personal growth. She presents and facilitates workshops with tremendous passion and energy that ignites her audience.  I love that she's always creating new innovative ways to help others grow and develop themselves.”

- Alex Liang

"I had the pleasure of working closely with Sarah for over three and a half years at IAC, where she served as the Director of Talent Development for Ask Applications & Mosaic Group. During that time, Sarah not only established our core learning and development philosophies, she also successfully launched a myriad of programs to help our employees around the world understand the motivations behind their work, define their path to success, and reach their full potential. Her thoughtful, warm, and empathetic manner enabled employees to really connect with her, and her attention to detail made working with her on communications a breeze. Sarah is someone who is truly passionate about the work that she does and has an awesome ability to inspire that passion in others."

- Stacy McAuliffe

“Sarah is an inspirational leader and successful speaker. She is definitely someone to learn from and sign up for.”

- Marcus Silveira

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