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What others are saying about Remotivation 

"While there's many motivation books out, this is the first I've come across that is clear, concise and so on point you have no option but to take action. I typically struggle to read on devices and found myself moving through this piece with anticipation and feeling myself wake up in a new way. The author has a unique way of blending her business mindset with heart and humanity. This could not be more timely."

~Ali Psiuk

"I wish this was written 5 years ago when I was planning to go remote. Definitely a great and informational book for those deciding if they want to work remotely or just generally wanting a change in their life. In addition to just reading the book, it lets you re-evaluate and reassess your own life. Thank you Sarah!"

~Ivan Aggabao

"I made the leap to full time remote worker - but I still felt a little stuck and unfulfilled professionally. The six core remotivators that Aviram identifies: Money, Identity, Routines, Growth, Impact and Joy, will lead anyone to the professional fulfillment and satisfaction they desire. This book was exactly what I needed! Can't recommend this book enough!" 

~Kevin Martin


There are six core remotivators that drive your professional fulfillment.

In the book, you’ll learn how each remotivator impacts your work-based decisions and how you can effectively activate each one to your benefit.

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Minimize financial pressure as you build a safety net of 6-12 months worth of expenses.

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Gain clarity in what kind of work feels authentic to you and identify 3 core values that will guide your decision making moving forwards.

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Reduce your resistance to change as you break routines that don’t support the achievement of your dreams and create new ones that do.


Acquire the skills, knowledge, and experiences to propel your career by applying the 70/20/10 principle of knowledge acquisition


Feel proud of the value your work currently provides and create your own personal mission statement for the future.


Start instantly doing more work you enjoy and unleash your creativity, and sense of wonder at work.

"This book will dig into the right parts of your brain and heart to truly figure out whats best for you."

- Camille

"This book is a game changer. It’s filled with useful advice and actionable steps on how to examine what you really want out of life and redefine success on your own terms - and stop feeling guilty about it!"

- Nadia

"I felt like she was talking to me several times, describing pieces of my life that I want / need to work on and providing insightful / useful tips on how to get started."

- Santiago

Remotivation will help you feel energized and inspired by your work as you create more financial freedom, break free of old routines, see the value your work provides, and — above all — have fun while doing it.

By leveraging thousands of hours of education and expertise into an easy-to-understand guidebook, Remotivation guides you on your journey to feel more fulfilled at work:

  • Demonstrates how each of the six remotivators impacts your work-based decisions and how you can effectively activate each one to your benefit.
  • Explains the three levels of career fulfillment, so you can assess your progress as you activate each of the remotivators.
  • Provides several exercises per chapter so that you put what you’re learning into practice and make changes in real-time.
  • Includes personal stories from fellow remote workers on how they’ve made meaningful progress toward their own career fulfillment.
  • Empowers you with an action plan on how to implement the changes you desire in your work.

You know deep down that your days could be more enjoyable, that the work you do should matter and have an impact, and that you could better utilize your talents and skills to grow in your career.

If you want guidance and a plan specific to your needs and interests so you can feel more motivated and fulfilled professionally, and you’re willing to do the work to make it happen, then you’re ready for Remotivation.


About The Author

Sarah Aviram has held Human Resources and Talent Development leadership roles within Fortune 500 consumer product organizations as well as in smaller, high-growth technology companies. She has created programs and processes that have helped thousands of people (including herself) to feel more fulfilled in their careers.

She holds a BA in Communications Studies from the University of Michigan and MBA in Leadership and Change Management from New York University Stern School of Business.

Sarah has worked remotely from 12 different countries, and her experiences have provided her with insights into the challenges and opportunities for professional fulfillment faced by remote workers.

​Leveraging her expertise and education, Sarah wrote Remotivation: The Remote Worker's Ultimate Guide to Life-Changing Fulfillment.

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