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With burn-out rates at an all time high, people are eager to feel re-energized but don’t know what to do. And let’s be honest, tapping into our motivation over this past year has been challenging.


After 14 years of working in Fortune 500 HR leadership roles and working remotely from 12 countries, I published an Amazon #1 best-selling book, "Remotivation: The Remote Worker's Ultimate Guide to Life-Changing Fulfillment".


From these experiences, my MBA in leadership and change management, and extensive personal research, I’ve created programs and processes that have helped over 50,000 people have more fulfilling careers. 


Whether it's for your annual business conference, leadership summit, team event, or anything in between, I help your attendees learn how to minimize the obstacles and optimize the opportunities for higher levels of fulfillment and performance - no matter where they're working from!


We'll work together to ensure my content is customized for your group and event needs, goals, and attendees.



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There are three different journeys we can take your audience on to get them remotivated!

All three options below can be done virtually or in-person and custom tailored to your organization's needs.

Six Ways to Unlock Your 'Why'


When remote workers identify their reasons for working, they can learn how to activate and manage six core motivators to their benefit. 

Attendees learn the secrets to unlocking the rewards of remote work’s freedom and flexibility.

  • Minimize obstacles related to their money, identity, and routines
  • Optimize opportunities for more growth and impact at work
  • Realize benefits of more joy in their career and beyond
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What Flamenco Dancing and Your Career Have in Common


In flamenco dancing, older dancers are considered to have the emotional maturity to adequately convey the soul and spirit of the genre. 

Attendees learn how all professionals can create a vision for their life that is more consistent with what they want now, no matter what age.

  • Identify the heart centered values to build a career that feeds their soul
  • Connect to their “duende” - the spirit and essence of who they are 
  • Share their gifts, knowledge, and talents with the world
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The Secret to Your 'Work From Anywhere' Career


Small tweaks to how we approach our work can create big opportunities for more joy, impact and growth - no matter where we're located!

Attendees will learn the three-step formula to find that long lost sense of pride, energy and play at work.

  • Start instantly doing more work they enjoy by doing an “energy assessment”
  • Get the context to understand the value their work provides 
  • Learn how to apply the 70/20/10 principle to develop new skills


"Sarah delivered a timely and relevant workshop for members of The Forem on How to optimize your 'work from anywhere' career. The feedback from the workshop survey was glowing with participants - from companies like Google, Verizon, Pinterest, and AMC Networks - sharing how eye-opening and impactful the content was in helping them to assess how to get more joy out of their work. Sarah is an engaging speaker and her ability to adapt her style to the audience and give actionable advice enhanced her credibility." 

- Sonia Bercel Collins, The Forem

"Our global organization of more than 200K employees hired Sarah to do a 45-minute internal session on ‘Motivation in a Changing Work Environment and Getting More Fulfillment Out of Your Job.’  The session was widely received, with hundreds of employees dialing in to hear what they can do to adapt in this current time. The session was not only dynamic, engaging and thoughtful, but it also provided tangible actions for each attendee to take away to feel more fulfilled. The feedback was amazing and we are looking for more ways to utilize Sarah at the company going forward."

- Managing Director, financial services firm

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Workshop attendees are saying: 

"It was amazing to understand the levels of fulfillment. It helped me understand how to process my situation." - Jyothsna P. 


"Examining my primary motivator was eye opening. Thank you."

- Jennifer S.

"I realized that finding the parts of my work that bring me joy and energy are critical to my long term career wellbeing." - Aparna R.

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About Remotivation - The Book

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Remotivation will improve the performance of your organization as your workforce feels energized and inspired by their work, develops new skills, and understands the value of their efforts.

By leveraging thousands of hours of education and expertise into an easy-to-understand guidebook, Remotivation guides remote workers on a journey to feel more fulfilled while performing at their best. 

Buy several books for your team or organization today!


And a little more feedback...

"Sarah Aviram's workshop ‘The Six Ways to Unlock your Why’ at Ruby Ribbon's annual convention (done virtually this year) was the perfect combination of self-assessment and thought provoking conversation. She was engaging and passionate, inspiring our independent sales women to embrace their fullest potential by breaking down the elements of what drives them to succeed. The results of her 60 minute interactive learning session are clear as our salesforce refocused on their goals with new energy. She is also a delight to work with and dug deep to understand the intricacies of the direct sales industry. She is uniquely Sarah and delivers the workshop with so much poise and confidence - I cannot wait to work with her again!"

- Yana Friedman, Associate Vice President of Sales, Ruby Ribbon

"Self-management and mastery is critical for our well-being, especially as we continue to navigate the effects of the pandemic. Sarah's workshop, "Get Remotivated: How to Optimize Your Fulfillment and Performance" opened up space for our employees to embrace their full humanity in the workplace, and be empowered by doing so. Participants gained a shared language and vocabulary to understand their emotions and use them in a proactive way to optimize their fulfillment at work. Sarah used interactive activities such as polls and breakout rooms to create a safe learning environment - something that is difficult to do in a virtual setting. Sarah made sure the delivery and content of her workshop would engage, connect, and inspire our group - and her workshop did just that! "

- Pamela Do, Learning and Development Manager, Betterment

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