Build high performing organizations by unlocking the WHY
- in 6 different ways!

Build high performing organizations by unlocking the WHY - in 6 different ways!

Your organization knows that the reasons why people do their work influence how well they do their work.  But let’s be honest, "identifying the why” hasn’t been the easiest concept for your people to define or articulate - until now.

There are 6 components, or “remotivators”, of the WHY, that drive the professional fulfillment and performance of remote workers.

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When remote workers learn how to activate each of these remotivators to their benefit, they will feel a deeper sense of fulfillment and be more motivated to perform at their best.

There are three opportunities to unlock the potential of your organization.

All three options below can be done virtually or in-person and custom tailored to your organization's needs.

Remotivation Introduction Talk

(1 hour) Topics covered:

  • What is fulfillment? The three levels of fulfillment and how you can assess your progress as you learn more about what motivates you.

  • What motivates us? How each of the six “remotivators” impacts your work-based decisions and how you can effectively activate each one to your benefit.

  • What drives higher levels of performance?  How fulfillment and motivation can create higher levels of performance.

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Remotivation Activation Workshop

(1-2 hours) Covers all the above and also includes one solo or group break-out exercise per remotivator.  Examples exercises:

  • Money: Minimize financial pressure by reducing your expenses.

  • Identity: Identify 3 core values that will guide your future decision making.

  • Routines: Create 5 new routines to support the achievement of your dreams.

  • Growth: Learn how to apply the 70/20/10 principle to develop new skills.

  • Impact: Create your own personal mission statement.

  • Joy: Start instantly doing more work you enjoy with a “fun to impact” analysis.

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Remotivation Transformation Series

(several 1-2 hour workshops)

This is a series of four to eight 1-2 hour workshops (number of workshops based on organization’s needs) including several solo or break-out exercises per session. Each session includes a workbook for participants to answer questions and identify next steps for themselves. Additionally, each participant will walk away with an action plan on how to implement the changes they desire in their work and life.



"Our global organization of more than 200K employees hired Sarah to do a 45-minute internal session on ‘Motivation in a Changing Work Environment and Getting More Fulfillment Out of Your Job.’  The session was widely received, with hundreds of employees dialing in to hear what they can do to adapt in this current time. The session was not only dynamic, engaging and thoughtful, but it also provided tangible actions for each attendee to take away to feel more fulfilled. The feedback was amazing and we are looking for more ways to utilize Sarah at the company going forward."

- Managing Director, financial services firm

"Sarah Aviram's workshop ‘The Six Ways to Unlock your Why’ at Ruby Ribbon's annual convention (done virtually this year) was the perfect combination of self-assessment and thought provoking conversation. She was engaging and passionate, inspiring our independent sales women to embrace their fullest potential by breaking down the elements of what drives them to succeed. The results of her 60 minute interactive learning session are clear as our salesforce refocused on their goals with new energy. She is also a delight to work with and dug deep to understand the intricacies of the direct sales industry. She is uniquely Sarah and delivers the workshop with so much poise and confidence - I cannot wait to work with her again!"

- Yana Friedman, Associate Vice President of Sales, Ruby Ribbon

Example sessions and exercises are as follows and can be customized or altered to meet the organization’s needs:

1. Remotivation Introduction

  • What is fulfillment?
  • What motivates us?
  • What drives higher levels of performance?

2. Money

  • Choose a Debt Payment Method - Compare debt payment methods and decide which one you will use.
  • Find Your App Factor - Start reducing or eliminating unnecessary expenses today.
  • Build Your Safety Net - Find out how much money you need to minimize financial pressure.

3. Identity

  • Declare What You Know - Empower yourself by stating with clarity what you know you want instead of focusing on what you don’t.
  • Define Your Values - Choose the values that will help guide you in your decision making.
  • Find Your People - Identify and connect with people that share similar values, interests, and goals to support and encourage you on your journey.

4. Routines

  • Break Your Routines - Identify your routines, clarify which ones no longer serve you, and create new routines that do.
  • Reduce Resistance to Change - Assess a previous change in your life, why you were resistant to the change, and how to best manage resistance moving forwards.
  • Focus on What You Can Influence - Assess your main concerns regarding change and how you could influence the outcomes.

5. Growth

  • Learn From Experiences - Identify the skills or knowledge you want to acquire and the experiences that will help you to develop them.
  • Learn From Others - Identify who could support you in acquiring the knowledge, skills, and experiences to grow in your career.
  • Learn from Formal Training - Identify the formal training opportunities that could help you to develop your knowledge and skills.

6. Impact

  • Define Your Audience - Identify who you seek to serve with your work and the value you can provide to them.
  • Clarify Desired Impact - Clarify the impact you want to have moving forwards regardless of the past.
  • Create Your Own Mission Statement - Write your personal mission statement using the insights you’ve gained in these workshops.

7. Joy

  • Complete Fun to Impact Analysis - Clarify how to do more work that you enjoy that also makes the impact you desire.
  • Do an Energy Assessment - Consider what kind of work gives you the most energy and identify opportunities to do more of it.
  • Practice Gratitude - Acknowledge what and whom you're grateful for in order to increase your feelings of joy.

8. Make it Happen!

  • Create your change management action plan.
Let's get started!

About Remotivation - The Book

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Remotivation will improve the performance of your organization as your workforce feels energized and inspired by their work, develops new skills, and understands the value of their efforts.

By leveraging thousands of hours of education and expertise into an easy-to-understand guidebook, Remotivation guides remote workers on a journey to feel more fulfilled while performing at their best. 

Buy several books for your team or organization today!